Out of Home Care




Out of Home Care

Kentish Out of Home Care is our high-quality formal education and care program for young people aged 0 to 18 years. We cater for children who have been placed in Territory Families out-of-home care system.  These children are placed in the Kentish Out of Home Care program on a  short term or respite basis.

The Kentish Out of Home Care program focuses on identifying the learning strengths and challenges of all the children in our care via up-to-date documentation and observations. We are committed to supporting ongoing training and professional development for all our NT educators

Become an Out of Home Care Educator

If you are interested in changing a young person’s life for the better, enquire about joining our team of Out of Home Care Educators.

As a Kentish Out of Home Care educator, you will be a small business owner working from your own home. You need to be a patient, caring, passionate and respectful person, a team player willing to work with the Territory Families, as well as the directors and staff at Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care Inc.

You must maintain a safe, nurturing environment for the children under your supervision, and strive to achieve the best possible learning outcomes. The children will need to remain in your care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.