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Quality Early Childhood Education

Moulden Early Learning Centre believes that early childhood is a time for play through imagination and curiosity.

Our experienced educators recognise all children learn in different ways and at different paces and ensure they plan and program to suit each individual child’s needs.

Our programs are designed to encourage even the youngest of our learners to reach their full potential through planned and meaningful learning experiences.

We support our families by opening for 11.5 hours a day (6:30 am-6:00 pm) – Monday to Friday to offer the convenience and flexibility that busy families need.

From 6 weeks of age up until they are ready to attend school, all children will receive the highest quality education and care.


Our Services

Our educators have access to the best possible resources and professional development to allow them to deliver the highest quality education and care. All our educators are either working towards their qualification in Early Childhood Education and Care or already obtain their certificate or Diploma. 

All meals are provided from our own in house cook and are all nutritious. Breakfast is offered every day along with morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. Children have access to fresh fruit from their rooms fruit bowl throughout the day.

We have our own heritage and culture educator who plans and programs for all rooms to deliver amazing, age-appropriate cultural experiences every week. Our H&C educator exposes the children to language, dance, art, and cooking.

In addition to this, we welcome and celebrate all cultures from all over the world and have a very diverse Centre.

Moulden Early Learning Centre was newly renovated in 2018 and features three spacious rooms for children aged from 6 weeks to 5 years. Each outdoor yard has also been refurbished to suit each age group.

Our Environments

Nursery Room

Our nursery room has open spaces to allow freedom and exploration.  Staff encourage and support children to become independent as they grow and develop.

Munch and move program is implemented to develop the motor skills and work towards rolling, crawling, and walking. Our nursery has its own separated sleep room with cots for each individual child. Outside has an inbuilt sandpit and water play feature in a fully shaded environment.

Toddlers’ Room

Our toddlers’ room offers indoor/outdoor play throughout the day using our bi-folding doors. The toddlers outside play area are fully shaded and equipped with an inbuilt trampoline and bike track.

The room is set up with inviting play spaces, and the experiences offered will vary depending on the children’s current interests and abilities.

Our toddlers’ room is built with their own nappy change area, which also has two smaller sized toilets to allow for toilet training.

Pre-School Room

Our Pre-School room has an Early Childhood Teacher who provides the children with a school readiness program to prepare them for the next stage of learning.

The school readiness program is planned for each individual child focusing on their interests and developmental milestones.

The Pre-School room also offers STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), arts and crafts, gross motor activities, music, and movement every day.

Outdoor Area

The outdoor area is equipped with an inbuilt sandpit, slide, swing, and water play feature. The large grass area provides a great space to assist with their motor skills.

Our Centre offers bus transportation to and from selected Pre-schools.


Meet Our Director – Chelsea Fawcett

I am originally from England and have lived in Darwin for 15 years. I have worked in Early childhood settings for 12 years.

I hold my diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, and I am also studying my Bachelor of Psychological Science to help gain a better understanding of the brain and development of young children.

Through my studies and practices, I have learned that our jobs as Early Childhood professionals not only plays a very important role in the development of all children in care but also helps set the foundation for their future.

Creating optimal, safe, secure and educational environments is fundamentally important In the first five years of life. Additionally, I believe the quality of language used with young children is equally important as this is a key factor for child development.

Children are unique individuals who are competent and capable learners; therefore, educational and creative learning experiences implemented will depend on each child’s interests and abilities.

Positive relationships and collaborations between educators and families are crucial in ensuring children feel safe and secure whilst in the care of their educators.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” – Margaret Mead

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