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Quality Early Childhood Centres

Kentish has been providing children’s services and quality education and care in the Northern Territory for the last 27 years.

Our Early Learning Centres in Moulden, NT and Tennant Creek, NT offer childcare services tailored to the local communities in which we are established.

Kentish Early Childhood Centres ensure that children are provided with a wide range of enriching experiences that focus on the holistic development of a child’s formational years.

Culture and Heritage forms a high objective in all Centres to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children remain connected to culture and that all children have the chance to share in traditional learning experiences of the local communities in which our Centres operate.

Our educators are passionate about providing enriching experiences as embedded practices and work towards unique and individual programming for all children, using the children’s voices as a cornerstone of our programming.

Our programs encapsulate contemporary programming methods to ensure that all children have a genuine education aligning with each child’s developmental age. Programming is structured into everyday experiences. However, individuality and spontaneity inform all practices; to ensure that the child’s voice is promoted and fostered at many levels.

All educators within our Early Childhood Centres are dedicated professionals who align with Kentish Philosophy and strive towards genuine and lasting relationships with all children, families, and the community.

Our educators create lasting partnerships with members of the community and families; to incorporate this into programming and experiences.


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